Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to feature my deal?down arrow to expand section

Currently, as we're beta testing our platform, there's no charge for local businesses to feature their deals on Geraldton Daily Deals.

What type of deals can I offer?down arrow to expand section

We love variety! Whether it's a discount, a special combo, or an exclusive menu item, we're excited to feature deals that add value and excitement for our users.

How often can I feature a deal?down arrow to expand section

Let's talk! We aim to offer our users variety while ensuring our partners receive optimal exposure. We'll work with you to schedule your deals in a way that benefits everyone.

How long do deals stay active on the platform?down arrow to expand section

Deals are featured for one day, from midnight to 11:59 PM, to keep our offerings dynamic and exciting. The same deal can be featured again in future weeks for additional exposure.

Do you list every deal submitted?down arrow to expand section

We carefully curate the deals featured on our platform, focusing on those that offer exceptional quality and value to our users. While we are keen to showcase a wide range of deals, we reserve the right to select deals at our discretion. The better the deal, the higher the likelihood of it being accepted and promoted to our users.

Looking for More Information?down arrow to expand section

We hope our FAQ's have been helpful, but if you're still left with questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our Contact Us page is designed for you to easily send us your enquiries. Let us help you get the answers you need.